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An Act Relating To The Public Regulation Commission; Providing For Constitutionally Mandated Increased Qualifications And Continuing Education Requirements For Public Regulation Commissioners; Providing For The Withholding Of Compensation.

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HPREF [2] HJC/HAFC-HJC [20] DNP-CS/DP-HAFC [21] w/drn [24] PASSED/H (55-0) [14] SRC/SJC-SRC API. (CS/H 47 & 89)
Friday, March 15, 2013 - At the Call of the Chair – Room 321

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This bill would impose a number of qualification requirements on candidates or prospective appointees for Public Regulation Commissioners positions and sets forth the procedure for presenting the candidate or prospective appointee’s qualifications to the Secretary of State for approval as a qualified candidate or prospective appointee.

  • The prospect must have at least a B.A. with a major in accounting, business administration, earth sciences, economics, energy, engineering, environmental sciences, finance, law, mathematics, public or government administration, statistics, utility regulation or water science and management.
  • And, the prospect must have at least seven years of “professional experience” in accounting, advocating for consumer or environmental issues before energy or utility regulatory bodies, earth sciences, economics, energy, engineering, finance, law, public or government administration, telecommunications, utility regulation or the regulation or management of water or wastewater.
  • “Professional experience” is defined as employment that included regularly making decisions requiring discretion and independent judgment.
  • “Professional experience” also includes experience in working with data or policy, advocacy or management of an entity with at least 10 employees.

In addition, the bill establishes continuing education requirements for Public Regulation Commissioners. First year Commissioners will be required to complete 80 hours of continuing education in the first year and all others will be required to complete 40 hours per year.

The new requirements for qualification and continuing education will apply to Commissioner taking office after July 1, 2013 by appointment and those elected starting with the 2014 general election.

Update: On February 8, 2013, the HJC adopted a committee substitute merging and amending HB 47 and HB 89 (another bill on the same subject). The salient differences from the original include:

  • Candidates or potential appointees must have a combined total of at least twelve years of professional experience or higher education that results in a degree with the professional experience in a field related to the regulatory authority of the Commission, including advocating for consumer or environmental issues before energy or utility regulatory bodies.
  • It defines how many hours or work or what kinds of degrees constitute a year of professional experience

Outcome: HB 47 died in Senate Rules Committee. Portions of HB 47 were combined into SB 8. SB 8 passed the Senate (32-8) and House (61-0) but was pocket vetoed by the Governor.

Date of summary: 1/16/13; Updated 2/13/13; Updated 5/16/13