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About Committees

Below, you will find additional information on issues that each Committee typically addresses during the Legislative Session.

House Standing Committees

Agriculture & Water Resources: Oversees legislation regarding farming, ranching, irrigation, and the proceedings of the State Engineer.

Appropriations & Finance: Asserts control over the state budget.

Business & Industry: Manages rules governing businesses such as licensing, incentives, and regulations.

Education: Regulates the state’s public school and university systems.

Energy & Natural Resources: Regulates processes regarding oil, mining, some water, and higher education programs dealing with these issues.

Health & Government Affairs: Oversees a diverse range of issues, including taxes, first responders, public employees, child care, and all health issues.

Judiciary: Oversees all Courts and the legal profession.

Labor & Human Resources: Oversees job training and union issues.

Taxation & Revenue: Deals with all tax issues, including breaks and other incentives.

Transportation & Public Works: Regulates public transportation networks and infrastructure.

Voters & Elections: Regulates all election policy.

Rules & Order of Business: Deals primarily with rules regarding public officials and employees, but can also take on a diverse set of issues, including public utility districts and hunting licenses.

Senate Standing Committees

Committees’ Committee: Decides which Senate members should sit on which committees and acts as a catch all for a variety of other issues. Examples include health oversight, children’s services, alcohol permitting, all cultural affair bills, post-secondary programs, and elections issues.

Conservation: Deals with specific water issues, efficiency plans and agricultural issues.

Corporations & Transportation: Oversees laws regarding private sector organizations as well as state run transportation networks.

Education: Similar to the House Committee, specializes in Public Education oversight.

Finance: Oversees the State Budget.

Indian & Cultural Affairs: Oversees tribal relations and the state’s input in to arts, music, and tourist related issues.

Judiciary: Oversees all Courts and the legal profession.

Public Affairs: Acts as a catch-all, overseeing bills regarding different public areas, including recycling, whistleblower protection and public utilities.

Rules: Oversees legislation setting rules for state agencies and how laws are carried out. These include land transfers, rules for the state engineer, and studies for other possible changes. 


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